Flagstaff Services for Seniors



Service Options for Seniors  (SOS) 780-672-4121 or  1-866-672-4131 (Donna Coombs)

Sunrise Estate Services   780-722-0101 www.sunriseestateservices.ca

Flagstaff Food Bank    780-385-0810

Golden Age Club- Forestburg    780-582-3564

Daysland Seniors (Sunbeam Drop in Centre) 780-374-3514

Killam Senior Centre Contact hall caretaker 780-385-2221

Sedgewick Seniors Centre 780-384-3009

Strome Senior Citizen Drop in Centre 780-376-3571

Galahad Senior Centre 780-583-3784

Seniors Mental Health   780-385-7161

Flagstaff victim Services   780-385-3551

Food Bank-Killam 780-385-0810

Alberta Health Services Public Health   780-384-3652  or access line to discuss available services 1-855-371-4122

General Counselling/Grief Counselling 780-385-3976

Flagstaff Family and Community Services 780-385-3976

Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton  (SAGE) 780-628-1139

Flagstaff Regional Housing:  780-582-0007 Subsidized apartments/Manors- The Bethany Group (Alliance, Daysland, Forestburg, Galahad, Hardisty, Heisler, Killam, Lougheed, Sedgewick and Strome)

Killam Meals on wheels-available Monday-Friday $5.00/meal (Lions donate $1.00/each to meals)  780-385-3741 (Joan Hill)

Forestburg Meals on Wheels (Big Knife villa) 7 days a week   $12.00/meal contact 780-582-3564 pick up only

Sedgewick Meals on Wheels (Wooden Spoon) 780-384-3554 $15.00 per meal

Daysland Handivan (Providence Place) 780-374-2527 cost is     .80 cents/km plus driver or could provide own driver with a Class 4 license

Killam Care-A-Van: 780-385-3976 For medical appointments only, must pay for parking and gas


Tel Care Unit 780-431-3630- help button on wrist or neck, water proof, button fall detection $52.95/month, enrollment $75.00; $37.95 regular help button; AB Seniors Benefits reimburses the enrollment and $30.00/month of unit if clients qualify (must pay up front and be reimbursed)

Legal Aid 1-866-845-3425

Edmonton Community Legal Centre 780-702-1725

AB Seniors Benefits 1-877-644-9992

Service Canada 1-800-277-9914

Revenue Canada 1-800-959-8281

Veterans Affair 1-866-522-2122

Respite Providers

Plan it Consulting-780-672-0063

Alzheimers’s Society 1-866-950-5465

Alberta Cancer Line 1-888-432-8865

Alanon 780-385-2222