Water, sewer, and gas services are provided by the Village of Forestburg. Forestburg offers a pre-authorized payment plan. Call the Village office at 780-582-3668 for more information.

Water Services

We provide potable drinking water to all residents of the Village as well as a few properties outside of the Village.  The Village currently charges $23.00 for a Monthly Infrastructure Maintenance Fee and a water usage rate of $2.10 per m3.  Water meters are read monthly by automatic readers.

Sewer Services

The Village has a sanitary sewer system that provides service to the majority of properties located within the Village.  The current charge for sanitary sewer service is $5.00 per month (Infrastructure maintenance fee), and a usage rate of $0.55 per m3 of water.

Natural Gas Services

The Village also supplies natural gas to all homes and businesses within the Village.  The current residential rate for gas is based on:

                $27.00   Monthly Service Charge +

                $  1.80   Monthly Distribution & Capital Fund Charge +

                Current market value for the cost of gas used (per GJ)

The rates charged by the Village are very competitive within the market.

Gas meters are read manually each month by public works personnel, the Village is currently installing an AMR system which will allow for monthly automatic reads of gas meters.  The Village has contracted with Phoenix Gas to provide maintenance support for our natural gas system.


After hours emergency for water or sewer, please call 780-385-1370.

After hours emergency for gas, please call 1-888-842-2667

Report a Street Light Problem - http://www.atcoelectric.com/Services/StreetLight-Repair-Form

Utility billings are sent out monthly from the Village Office.  If you would be interested in taking advantage of our pre-authorized payment plan or equalized gas plan, please call the office at 780-582-3668.

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